Welcome to my blog Going Without

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog Going Without!

My name is Rochelle and I love being in the kitchen creating new recipes. Recently I have had to quit eating an extensive range of foods due to some health problems. I have not let it stop me enjoying food and especially my passion of baking. I have started this blog to help others out that suddenly find themselves in my situation with sensitivities to many foods. My recipes can easily be enjoyed by most regardless of health or dietary concerns. All my recipes are gluten, dairy, coconut free and refined sugar & artificial sweetener free just to name a few. I know how hard it can be to find good recipes but I have learned no matter what dietary challenges you face, there are plenty of alternative ingredients to enjoy healthy treats.

Let me know what you think of my recipes and if you come up with any great ideas to make the recipes taste even better!

Happy Baking!


Kitchen Must Haves…

Heres a few of my kitchen essentials…

Vanilla Essence – Recently I was very excited I finally have some vanilla essence to use in my baking! It may have taken 9 weeks to make but it was well worth the wait! Most other vanilla essence have alcohol or sugar in… This one does not… so go on give it a try!

Almond butter – It is so easy to make.. so why spend heaps of money on store bought almond butter?

Lemon & Mint dressing – This is such a basic dressing but it tastes amazing and is so refreshing!

Mixed Berry & Chia Seed Jam – I love this jam… I actually eat it every breakfast on top of my Pikelets! With only 2 ingredients and no sugar like store bought jams, you have to try it!

Flour mix – This is my favourite baking mix… seems to work for everything thing I have made so far!

Baking Powder – I never use store bought baking powder any more, it is so easy to make and uses only 2 ingredients that I always have in my pantry.

2 in 1 – Cheesecake Base using the Brownie Balls Mixture!

This Strawberry cheesecake tastes so good and is actually pretty good for you too as it has Sauerkraut and Gelatine in, which are both good for the gut 🙂

I also created Raw Sauerkraut Brownie Balls as I accidentally created too much mixture for the base of my cheesecake! I started eating the remainder of the mixture and thought why not roll it into balls for a quick snack!

Now they may sound yuck as they have Sauerkraut in but don’t worry you can not taste it at all! The Raw Sauerkraut Brownie balls taste amazing I had to hide the rest of the mixture as I could not stop eating it haha!

Easy single serve microwave recipes for when you want something quick

Try out these great single serve recipes…

I have been hanging out for a bread with no yeast and this bread is great because it is quick and easy in the microwave!

I also love this Banana & Cocoa Mug Muffin perfect for when you are wanting dessert but don’t want to wait for 20 or so minutes for a whole batch of muffins!